Make your life more beautiful: ORGANIZE YOUR MAKEUP with Five tips-BBW Makeup

We are sharing the tips, tricks and all the best there is to know about living your life beautifully. In this edition of the series, Brit Morin of the Beauty Squad rounds up her favorite ways to organize makeup.

There’s nothing that stresses me out more than being in a rush and not being able to find a particular eye shadow or lipstick that I need to complete my look. That’s why I’m always searching for ways to organize my products so that it’s easy to locate what I need. Plus, I want them to look good! These five makeup storage ideas are some of the best ways I've found to keep my beauty stash nice and neat.


I’m going to start with one of my favorite solutions. It’s simple to put together, cuts down on the space needed to store your makeup and makes it easier to find what you really need. Just pop your favorite colors out of all your old makeup palettes and glue them inside a new storage case. You can use a pencil case, old CD case or even an Altoids case. Toss it in your purse so that you have all your favorite colors while you’re on the go!

Jouer's name means "to play" in French, and that's exactly what you can do with the brand's products! They’re designed to snap and slide in and out of each case, enabling you to create a customizable makeup kit with no set size.

This is a relatively simple idea, but really effective. All you have to do is buy a block of foam used for arranging flowers, then carve out holes to hold your brushes and gussy it up however you wish (I’m loving the studs). It’s perfect for displaying your cosmetics on the counter, and I’m betting it would also work great to organize your makeup inside of a drawer.

One of the biggest problems about stashing makeup in a drawer is that you have to shuffle through all your products just to grab the one you want. This quick fix solves that problem and puts your products on display in an aesthetically pleasing way by repurposing an old picture frame. Just get a sheet of metal cut to the size of any old frame and cover it with fabric. Then add small magnets onto all of your beauty essentials for easy, removable hanging.


This is an incredibly portable way to keep your makeup organized. Each of your products comes in a tube that fits into the slots of the cylindrical holder. The product number and color are displayed on top so you can quickly grab the item you need without having to take any of the others out. I’m obsessed with the lid that serves triple-duty as a mirror, powder case and, well, a lid.

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Do you know,Foods for your blood type can make you more beautifrul!-BBW Makeup

You've likely heard about the right diet for your blood type, but does that necessarily help you to more beautiful?Dr. Valerie Lane Simonsen, a Naturopathic Physician,

recalls the amount of time when she saw women in Micronesia whose skin was completely taken over by psoriasis and acne. "One woman's face was sunken in," she recalls.

As these women happened a correct diet fitted to their blood type, the transformation was beyond noticeable. "She was to her normal self walking, running and I really

felt her emotional status (both in the home and ouside the home) matched."The idea of eating healthily with regards to your blood type not a novelty. Dr. Peter

D'Adamo, writer of Consume the right foods specifically for your Type, is well used for this subject because he was the first to publicly explain the link between

both. But it is important to see that beauty foods good for your blood type is certainly not about shedding pounds. Rather, it's about searching for the foods that

will assist you get clear skin, eliminate your toxins, and provide you a radiant complexion that no multitude of pills and potions can.To be able to eat right for your

blood type, Dr. Simonsen recommends having the following steps:Have an understanding of blood type
Attempt to eat macrobiotic, local foods
Avoid sugar and gluten whenever possible
Eat alkaline forming foods compared to acidic foods
If you are truly implementing the classic Peter D'Adamo diet, an aid for blood types and food includes:Blood Type O: Lean meats, poultry, and fish.
Blood Type A: A vegetarian diet (based on agrarian history) including soy proteins, grains, and organic vegetables.
Blood Type B: Low-fat dairy, meat, and produce.
Blood Type AB: Seafood, tofu, dairy, and the majority of produce.
D'Adamo believes that blood types decrease the gastrointestinal system, and also that certain blood types can digest particular foods better. The above blood types

will be more utilized in process these specific foods since they are more suited to the body's metabolic activity.Some dermatologists, however, disagree when using the

blood type and attractiveness association. Dr. Leslie Baumann, author of Skin Type Solutions says that there is always "no association between blood types and skin

type.While that is likely to be the cover, studies have shown that there are foods that clear acne, in particular.On your trip to interested by eating to stay

beautiful for your blood type, discuss with your doctor and consult a nutritional expert in order to produce a thought that is in sync with foods recommended for your

own personal blood type. The bottom line would be to be certain that your facial skin feels great, plus your athlete is toxin free.

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BBW Hair style for big beautiful women(BBW)-BBW Make up

The contour of your face will play a big function in determining what hair fashion look best in the car. A way that could possibly look great on you friend or favorite actor may very well not be just right for you if your faces are not the same shape. In this article, we'll discuss how you can pick a hairstyle to produce a round face

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Decide just how much time you need to allocate to coat.
There are several options for people with round faces, but some of those require considerably more styling than others. Position a certain amount of your time that you are interested in use
on your own own hair. This will determine whether you've got a long or short cut and the amount of blow drying and styling that are necessary.2
Establish rules.
Because most haircuts that flatter round faces are formed with an intent to to elongate your features and draw attention faraway from a large brow and full cheeks, they tend to either be
very short or suffer chin length layers all around the face. If either of these features bother you or if you own a specific method of cut in mind already, proceed to put
some preliminary requirements for your hairstyle. You then will be able to look within the bounds of flattering cuts for the kinds of style that you are actually wishing for.
Select several hairstyles that you like.
You'll find as an example of these styles in fashion magazines or any additional publications. Make certain you are picking styles that appear to be good on people who have round
faces. It is best to look out for layered bangs, chin-length bobs and highlights that fall the area around the face.4
Speak to your stylist.
Your stylist will allow you to envision the things you will look simular to in the new haircut. They also can verify to you that the face is round so you are searching within the
proper arena.5
Indicate their new style.
Upon getting narrowed down your options, pick one and go! Remember, the best thing for every single style would be to are in a mirror with confidence, so pick a look which you are sure that you are able to wear with pride and attitude.


Tips for Men who love plus size girls

Tips for Men who love plus size girls.

All women need to feel feminine and attractive, and plus-sized girls will be no different. However, dating a plus-sized girl may mean encountering some sensitive subjects and situations which could make her feel uncomfortable. Enjoy problem-free dates when using the special plus-sized girl in your situation when you're prepared.
Consider her comfort when planning dates. Don't make reservations with a restaurant how you know the chairs are small or take her to an amusement park where she'll must squeeze into a rollercoaster seat. If she's self-conscious, she won't have fun. Make an effort to take her to places where there will be people of every shapes and sizes; for example, head over to the mall or an outdoor festival. Don't plan anything active, which include hiking, unless she suggests it; she might be embarrassed by becoming out of shape or they cannot carry on.Conversation
Never mention her weight or size, even when it's to go with her listed. Concentrate on who she is---her personality, interests, hobbies and dreams. Don't inquire if she is a member of a gym or intends to join one. In case you're together on a restaurant, never refer to her eating routine. Comments like, "Do you have to truly be eating that?"---even if well meaning---will likely bring a sour end for the sake of the date. Keep your conversation light and positive don't forget to share with her she looks lovely.

Friends & Family
Introduce your special plus-sized girl to your furry little family and friends when you both feel at ease. Some girls may begin to feel that you're "hiding" them if you do in fact don't introduce them after having a reasonable period. During activities with friends and family, have the conversation general and involve your girl as far as possible ensuring that she feels included. Praise something about her before others. Instruct less-than-tactful folks in addition to your girl's size or eating habits.Out and About

A plus-sized girl might be unusually insecure about her weight plus your relationship. Keep an attention on her throughout your date; don't ogle or flirt with other girls. Make regular physical contact to flaunt your affection; hold her hand, fit your arm around her or present her with a fast peck on the cheek. Handle embarrassments, as a too-small chair or maybe a rude comment from a stranger, with aplomb and humor. Show her that you're consumed by her no matter what so that she will feel completely more comfortable with you